With the opening of the new 150 acre Brae Island Regional Park in 2007, the group camping area was named in honour of a special person at the request of Mayor Kurt Alberts and Council based on the following resolution:
“Whereas Brae Island Regional Park in Fort Langley would not have become a reality without the vision, community mindedness, and perseverance of Don McTavish,
Be it resolved that the Township of Langley Council requests the Greater Vancouver Regional District to name a prominent feature in Brae Island Regional Park in memory of Don McTavish.”

According to Mayor Alberts, “Don had an extensive background in the radio business as announcer and promoter. After retirement from the media business, Don was in charge of public relations for the manufactured home industry and also served on Township Council for a term in the early 1980’s. Don was always an “idea” man and was enthused about Expo 86. He was able to obtain a lease from the MacDonald family and Interfor for the construction and operation of a campground, Fort Camping, on Brae Island to serve visitors ‘for Expo 86.”

Don McTavish and his wife, Trudy, continued to operate the campground after Expo 86 because he felt there would be a continuing need for this type of travel accommodation. Don also became very involved in the Fort Langley business community as Chair of a Task Force to enhance the prominence of the National Historic Site. The work of his task force led to the creation of the Fort Langley Economic Enhancement Committee. The Committee, with Don’s help, developed the Fort Langley Tourism Development Strategy which included 13 enhancement projects including Marina Park improvements, development of the Fort to Fort Trail, and sanitary sewers for the downtown core. Most of the strategy projects were completed with Don’s constant prodding and promoting.

Mayor Alberts said “Don approached the Township with his biggest idea in the late 1980’s. He pitched the idea of turning all of Brae Island into a park, first to the Township and then to the Regional District. Though Don’s persistence the idea finally took hold and when the GVRD was in a position to acquire parkland, Don’s rapport with the owners helped make the acquisition a reality.”