On Sunday, July 22, 2007 Mayor Kurt Alberts and Township Council held a special ceremony to officially name Murrayville’s newest park “Arthur Rose Park”. The park’s name commemorates the contributions of a pioneering Langley physician, Dr. Arthur Rose. Dr. Rose lived and practiced in north Murrayville for almost twenty years, and is credited with helping to build Langley Memorial Hospital. Rose, who settled in Langley in the late 1930’s and raised a family with his wife Edith, was a founding member of the society responsible for getting the hospital built and opened in 1948.

He served on the first LMH Board of Management, was chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee, and was personally involved in the appointment of hospital staff, many of whom he mentored and befriended. An accomplished surgeon and family man, he also ran a busy medical practice.

Doris Riedweg, a retired nurse who worked with Rose, said Rose was not only a general practitioner, but also a surgeon of some renown. His determination and commitment not only helped build Langley Memorial Hospital, but also set an example to the medical professional around him.
Rose was born in Manitoba in 1888. He came to Langley and bought Dr. Benjamin Marr’s practice in 1938. He retired in 1957 and passed away in 1980, at the age of 92.

The park is adjacent to the hospital and according to Councillor Jordan Bateman who did the research on naming the park, “He was important to the hospital and to the neighbourhood as well”. Township Councillors, family, friends and colleagues of Rose’s were on hand when an interpretive sign outlining the doctor’s importance to the community was unveiled, along with the planting of a commemorative rose bush.