On May 28, 2006 the Civic Centre was officially renamed to pay tribute to a wonderful community-minded person, George Preston. The ceremony was held in the same room where in 2002 at the annual Douglas Day Banquet, the Township honoured George Preston by awarding him the “Freedom of the Municipality”.

At the naming ceremony, Mayor Kurt Alberts explained “the Freeman title really means “significant contributions to the community by an outstanding citizen. And when you look around the community, George and Iris’s involvement and influence are everywhere: sports, arts, charity, education, and business.”

In politics, George also left his mark. He made his political debut by winning the election for Township Mayor in the fall of 1971, as did his running mates for Aldermen, Andy Milne and Dr. Gary Smith.

Back in the early 70’s, recreation was becoming more important to serve a growing population in Brookswood. There was pressure for an ice rink and a committee was formed to determine how best to achieve this project. George’s Council finished this work and construction of the building was completed in 1973. The new ice arena was often referred to as the “Preston Palace”. George and Iris spent a lot of time at the arena over the years and more recently at many hockey games.

Back in those early days, the fire service was entirely volunteer and the fire halls operated separately from the Township in their own specified areas. According to Joe Brier who was on Council and also a volunteer fire fighter, “George was well liked by the volunteers because he always treated them with a lot of respect”. Mayor Alberts noted “George’s respect for the fire service carried on well after his days in office. Just a few months ago, once again, George donated a pick-up truck for use by the public education division of the Township Fire Department.”

George served a total of 3 terms as Mayor of Langley Township and he continued to serve the community in many ways. George’s legacy of community service was honoured with the renaming of the “Langley Civic Centre” as the “George Preston Recreation Centre”.