On February 25, 2008, Mayor Kurt Alberts and Township Council officially renamed the Willowbrook Library as the Muriel Arnason Library.

Muriel was born in Winnipeg in 1926 and lived through the great depression as a foster child. She married John at age of 22 and followed him to many mining camps. The young couple had four children and eventually settled in the Fraser Valley.

Later in life, Muriel went to complete her education, first graduating from night school and then UBC with a B.A. in Sociology. The family then moved to Langley in 1973. Here she coordinated the Christmas Hamper Bureau and also personally helped deliver Christmas hampers to underprivileged families for many years.

Muriel’s Sociology studies at UBC included political science courses. In 1979 she was elected becoming the first woman on the Township of Langley Council. She served for 26 years with six different Mayors: George Preston, Bill Blair, Elford Nundal, John Beales, John Scholtens, and Kurt Alberts until her retirement in 2005.

For many years Muriel represented the Township on the Fraser Valley Library Board. She was a strong advocate for increasing literacy. After getting her BA in Sociology, Muriel got a teaching certificate in her 5th year of university. But that was not actually her first choice. Muriel wanted to enter the library science program but was rejected because of her age. Muriel had wanted to be a librarian. Subsequently, she always fought any form of discrimination whether age related, or due to disability, or any other reason.

Everyone will always be welcome at the Muriel Arnason Library.