The Township of Langley’s Growth Management Strategy depends upon good transit and transportation. While the current level of public transportation leaves a lot to be desired, a number of improvements have been made over the last few years and additional improvements are planned.

Since the introduction of the Community Shuttle service in December of 2002 with 22,600 annual service hours, the service has expanded by 8.5% per year to 31,200 hours in 2007.

The service hours for the 502 bus to Aldergrove have increased and last September connection was made to the Abbotsford bus system. Ridership was an instant success and continues to grow.

This year the 502 between Langley and Surrey Central Station (SkyTrain) became the first route in the South of Fraser to achieve Frequent Transit Network (FTN) service levels. FTN means 15 minute (10 minute during peak) service, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trips have been added westbound starting at 4:32 am - early enough to catch the first westbound SkyTrain.

Hours of operation and frequency of service have steadily increased for the 320 (Langley to Fleetwood), the 341 (Langley to Guildford), the 501 (Walnut Grove to SkyTrain), the 502 (Langley to SkyTrain and Langley to Aldergrove/Abbotsford) and the 341(Langley to Cloverdale).

A direct bus connection to the West Coast Express will be established with the completion of Translink’s Golden Ears Bridge next year.

As part of the Province’s rapid transit plan SkyTrain will eventually be extended to Langley and in the interim a rapid bus transit system will be implemented along the Fraser Hwy. As well, with the twinning of the Port Mann Bridge a rapid bus service will connect Langley to Burnaby. A station just east of the 200th Street interchange will include a major park and ride and priority underpasses for direct bus access to the freeway HOV lanes. The 23 minute trip from Langley to the Burnaby’s Lougheed Mall will have 10 to 15 minute frequency. The design will allow conversion to rail in the future based upon ridership. This type of rapid transit service will also cross the Golden Ears Bridge to connect with the planned Evergreen Line.

With the planned rapid transit along the Fraser Highway, the Trans Canada and the Golden Ears Bridge, 200th Street has been designated a major public transportation corridor in the South of Fraser Transit Plan. Township Council recently adopted changes to the Official Community Plan to encourage higher densities and mixed use including employment in the Willowbrook Regional Town Centre and along the 200th Street corridor.

The Provincial Government has recently commenced a major study on public transportation improvements for the Fraser Valley including the role of rail service. The Township of Langley supports this review which will build on the work already done by Translink and the Township in studying the Interurban corridor.

In addition to public transportation, Translink’s responsibility includes regional roads. In Langley, Fraser Highway, 16 Avenue, 200 Street (north of Langley City), 64 Avenue and 208 Street (96 Ave to 204 Overpass, upon completion of the Golden Ears Bridge) are Translink designated roads meaning that the Township gets half of the funding for maintenance and upgrading from the region.