In June of 2008, Mayor Kurt Alberts and Council adopted a Sustainability Charter for the Township of Langley. The Charter builds on the work of the Langley Tomorrow program that was commenced during Alberts’s time as the previous Director of Community Development. The Sustainability Charter provides a policy framework to guide municipal decisions balancing the health of the economy, the environment and the social/cultural fabric of the community. The Charter was drafted with extensive community input involving all of the Township’s citizen advisory committees. Moderated by Rafe Mair, an expert panel of critical thinkers and practitioners in sustainable development also helped direct work on the Charter. Community sessions, workshops, surveys, open houses and sustainability “see it” website all helped in obtaining public feedback. The Sustainability Charter’s 15 goals and accompanying action steps will help guide the municipality to a sustainable future. Immediate actions include: mainstream the sustainability concepts; use Bill 27 (Green Communities); integrate initiatives by working with strategic partners; consider a Langley Carbon Trust; and implement a sustainability development checklist.