Township Job Targets On Track

By Al Irwin - Langley Times - May 18, 2008

One job for every Langley resident in the labour force is almost a reality, says Langley Township Mayor Kurt Alberts.

Alberts was responding to a report to council based on information from the 2006 Census.

It shows that in the 10 years from 1996 to 2006 the number of jobs, for every 100 Langley residents in the labour force grew to 93, from 76.

Currently however, based on industrial/commercial growth in the past one and one-half years, Alberts says the planning department estimates the figure is 96.5 jobs for each person in the labour force.

"We are 96.5 per cent there, which is very good," said Alberts, of a goal set almost 10 years ago, in the Township Official Community Plan - one job for every person in the labour market.

The report says the Township is set to hit the 1:1 ratio by 2010.

"What we strive for in our growth, we don't want to be just a bedroom community," said Alberts.

A job for every person in the labour force has a number of benefits, he said.

Less commuting, less pollution, a larger industrial/commercial base helps keep the residential tax rates in check.

Alberts says the Township doesn't put all its eggs in one basket, promoting diversification, supporting farming, the equestrian industry, industrial, and commercial/service industry, to maintain a healthy economy that can weather economic downturns in various sectors...