Trail Opens for Two-wheelers

Matthew Claxton, Langley Advance - Friday, May 16, 2008

Cyclists are now welcome on a new trail in Campbell Valley Regional Park.

A new trail for bicycle riders and pedestrians opened in Campbell Valley Regional Park Wednesday, the first piece of what will eventually be 14 kilometres of trail.

"It's a pleasure today to be in my home community to open this trail," said Gayle Martin, a Langley City councillor and the chair of Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.

The Campbell Valley Perimeter Trail, stretching from 200th Street east along 8th Avenue to the parking lot and visitor centre, is the culmination of almost 20 years of planning.

It marks the first time cyclists have been able to ride within the park itself.

The trail is separate from established nearby trails, such as the Shaggy Mane trail used by horse riders.

The first kilometre was built with financial help from High Point, the development currently being built just to the south of Campbell Valley Park on 200th Street. The deal was worked out between Metro Vancouver, Langley Township and the developer.

The Campbell Valley trail will connect with about nine kilometres of trails inside High Point.

Once all the trails are completed and connected, riders will be able travel a considerable distance through green spaces, said Township Mayor Kurt Alberts.

The Township is committed to building more trails, Alberts noted. "We really like it when others help us achieve that goal," he said...