New Park Names to Reduce Confusion

The Aldergrove Star - July 23, 2008

Two existing parks in Aldergrove have been given new names - one name that will make a park easier to find, the other that will pay tribute to an original Aldergrove pioneer.

South Aldergrove Park, located at 29 Avenue and 267B Street, will now be known as Aldergrove Athletic Park, and Aldergrove Park, at 271 Street and 32 Avenue, has been renamed Philip Jackman Park.

Suggestions to give these parks new names have been floated by Aldergrove residents and park users for some time, but the titles were officially changed by Township of Langley Council after it recently approved a new policy for naming municipal parks, trails, buildings, facilities, and infrastructure.

"There have been a number of recommendations received from the community over the past couple of years," said David Leavers, the Township of Langley's Director of Recreation, Culture, and Parks. "When the naming policy was approved by Council on June 23, Council was able to move forward and make these proposed changes a reality."

"The name changes will make the parks easier to identify - and will hopefully put an end to some confusion about where to find them," Leavers said. Within the area, there has been South Aldergrove Park, Aldergrove Park, and Metro Vancouver's Aldergrove Lake Regional Park, and the similar sounding names and close proximity sometimes led to frustration for park users."

"People would end up at the wrong park for the wrong function," Leavers said, adding that some people also found the "South" in South Aldergrove Park to be misleading. "They would think 'south' and head to Aldergrove Lake," he said.

The renaming of the park at 29 Avenue to "Aldergrove Athletic Park" should clear up some confusion, and provide a better representation of what the facility has to offer.