The Township of Langley is working with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture to develop British Columbia’s first groundwater protection plan. The Water Management Plan is intended to protect local groundwater and promote sustainable use. The first legislative steps needed to develop the plan have been taken as a Ministerial Order which designated the Township as a Water Management Plan area and set the initial terms of reference for the development of a plan. While there are currently no major concerns about the Township’s water supply, some aquifers are showing signs of declining water levels. The presence of site-specific contamination issues is also an early warning sign that there is a need to take action to protect water quality. The intent of the plan formulation is to be pro-active rather than just reacting to these situations. All other provinces in Canada have some form of groundwater protection laws in place, but the legal teeth needed to protect groundwater are lacking in B.C. The Township has already undertaken a number of measures to voluntarily preserve and care for water. A draft plan has been prepared with stakeholder and public input but more work and public feedback is still underway. The Province’s suggestion of metering of private wells has been removed from the draft plan based upon public feedback. Other measures such as wellhead protection, water quality targets, cosmetic pesticide bylaw, sprinkling restrictions, and “water wise” education are part of the discussion in the draft plan.