In June of 2006, Mayor Kurt Alberts and Council adopted the Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan. The Plan received credit as a third milestone under the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The Township of Langley had previously received milestone credits for completion of an emissions inventory and setting emissions targets.

In 2006, facilities and fleet accounted for 87% of the Township’s total emissions. The water, sewer and drainage sector accounted for 5%. The solid waste sector also accounted for 5% while street and park lighting generated the remaining 3%.

The Emissions Reduction Plan requires annual reporting on the result of reduction initiatives which include the replacement of inefficient boilers, increased use of bio-diesel, and street lighting retro-fits. The Plan commits the Township to an emissions target of 10% below year 2000 levels by the end of 2010.