The Township of Langley in the last few years has invested in adding and upgrading a whole range of sporting facilities: the Aldergrove Athletic Park, the McLeod Grandstand and Athletic Park, the covered Sports Box, the Indoor Baseball Training Centre, the Rowing and Paddling Centre, the new Willoughby Athletic Complex including more artificial turf fields, the Mountain Bike Park and Langley Events Centre. The variety and diversity of venues provides for training and practice in all sorts of sports for all abilities. Langley already is know for sports excellence in many different recreational and competitive pursuits. The community benefits to health and fitness are obvious but the economic spin-offs are also significant. The number of regional, provincial, national and international tournaments and sporting events are increasing the importance of sports tourism. A vision of “fitness and sports for all” will help us become a more sustainable community, socially and economically. Most of the sports programs, with increasing participation of our youth, are driven by a huge volunteer spirit. This spirit combined with an investment in new facilities also allows us to come together as a community for special events such as hosting the 2010 BC Summer Games.

Also see Langley Times article: May 9, 2008 "Admired Sports Venues"