Over 20 years ago Kurt Alberts established the Township’s Economic Development Commission and hired the first Economic Development Manager. Instrumental in the creation of the first Economic Development Strategy as the Director of Community Development, Alberts helped lay the foundation for continued economic growth. In those days the Township was sometimes referred to as a bedroom community for Vancouver. The Economic Development Strategy set a mission of welcoming business investment that respected our rural/urban character. The Strategy recognized that diversity was the key to success: increasing jobs and tax base but still maintaining community lifestyle. Consequently growing the agriculture and equestrian sectors was just as important as attracting new industries and commerce. The Strategy also identified the role of: tourism especially related to agri-tourism, the film industry, education, the airport’s potential, industrial parks and the regional town centre. All sectors have steadily grown increasing local employment and tax base over the years. Another new area of growth in our local economy relates to the role of athletic facilities in supporting sports tourism. This incredible diversity of economic activity makes Langley Township unique in the Province. While 80% of our 122 sq. mi. is designated rural, we are close to achieving our goal of one job for every person in the labour force.