Plots Thicken in Murrayville

By Natasha Jones, Langley Times - July 26, 2008

Is that really Basil in bed with Tom? Oh, yes, baby, and Rose is in there with them too.

As one can imagine, there is much merriment around this menage-a-trowel. You see it in the dazzling smile of the sunflowers in this bed, in the delicate and fragrant petals of sweet peas in another, in the whimsical faces of nasturtiums, and in the gaily coloured delphiniums and dahlias.

California poppies, daisies, lavender and pinks share common ground with several different varieties of basil, mint, lettuce, cabbage and beans.

These bedmates cohabit happily - and properly - at Murrayville Community Garden on Old Yale Road, where 27 people work the soil on 10 foot by 10 foot garden plots to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables organically.

The Township's Langley Environmental Partners Society maintains the gardens which were created in 2005 on farmland acquired by the municipality in 1991.

"Our goal in establishing the garden was to give citizens in Langley the opportunity to grow food or ornamental plants that they may be unable to grow at home," said Andrea Lawseth, LEPS' agricultural stewardship co-ordinator.

Many community garden members live in apartment buildings or seniors' housing where there are no opportunities to grow their own food.

Dorothy Eaton is among them, and her pleasure at having her small patch of garden is plain to see. Her garden is full of flowers and vegetables, the tall delphiniums and Canterbury bells a gorgeous blend of blues, and roses which were stunted in her patio pots are thriving in the garden, along with echinacea and a few vegetables.