Sports Box Already Abuzz with Activity

By Natasha Jones - Langley Times - May 04, 2008

A new covered sports box strengthens McLeod Athletic Park as a showcase for sports and recreation.

The box is the result of teamwork between the Township and the Langley School District. Built on the northwest side of Langley Secondary, it is already well used, ahead of its official opening on Tuesday, May 13 at 3:30 p.m.

Operating for about a month, the box is used for lacrosse and ball hockey games and practices, and school-based physical education activities.

Its usefulness will extend year-round, David Leavers told the Langley Board of Education on Tuesday.

Leavers, the Township's parks and recreation director, said the sports box, which is 119 feet wide and 195 feet long, augments MAP's other features: a grandstand and the quarter-mile oval it overlooks, the Ron Ralph and Michael J. Smith playing fields, the Rotary fieldhouse, and west-side soccer and slo-pitch fields.

Hearing Trustee Sonya Paterson's fears that late-night gatherings at the sports box could lead to vandalism, Leavers said that the architect "was challenged to design a facility that is as vandal-proof as possible."

Leavers said that only authorized users of the facility have the code that controls interior lights.

In a press statement, Mayor Kurt Alberts lauded the facility as "a great example of the positive relationship Langley School District and the Township of Langley have had over the years."...