Project Promotes Green Township

Langley Advance, August 12, 2008

More than 40,000 trees are being planted in Langley parklands and greenbelts. Langley Township will look a lot greener in the coming months, thanks to a new initiative.

Township politicians visited Aldergrove's Creekside Park, spades in hand, to kick off a community-wide tree-planting initiative on July 30. Township Mayor Kurt Alberts and councillors Howie Vickberg were there to promote the Community Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (CERI).

The initiative will see more than 40,000 native evergreen and deciduous trees planted in Township of Langley parklands and conservation greenbelts.

CERI is an urban restoration project developed by ERA Ecosystem Restoration Associates Inc., as well as the Township. The Township initiated the trial CERI project in April 2007 in the Township.

CERI's goals are to: