Last year, the Township of Langley invited the Langley Field Naturalists to make recommendations about an environmentally sensitive area within the Redwoods property. The subject area is located in the north east corner of the 175 acre property acquired by the Township in 2005. Over the last four seasons the Field Naturalists surveyed the natural features on this 7 acre parcel and were surprised by the diversity plants and wildlife. The Naturalists catalogued 90 – 100 types of trees, shrubs, ferns, horsetails, grasses, sedges, aquatic-wetland plants, herbs, mosses and fungi. Consistent with this diverse habitat 50 different species of bird were identified. As well, mammals, amphibians and invertebrates are diverse with two B.C. Blue-listed species found, the Red-legged frog and the Pacific Sideband snail. Council accepted the Field Naturalists’ recommendation to minimize impact on this sensitive area with a trail staying on the edge but providing some nature viewing opportunities. The area is designated by covenant to remain a nature area in perpetuity. In honour of the Hope family’s history in the community, Council decided to name this ecological jewel as the Hope Redwoods Natural Area.

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