Last year, the Township of Langley entered into a partnership to achieve the expansion of Derby Reach Park and at the same time obtain revenue from the sale of surplus property. The sale of the Dickson Houston lands to the next door neighbour, the Martini family, included the dedication of 23 acres for park use plus protection of another 29 acres with a conservation covenant. The remaining 42 acres of the former “Dickson Pit” transferred to the Martini family includes a public trail easement. The Township partnered with the Pacific Parklands Foundation (PPF) and Metro Vancouver Parks in this transaction. PPF raises funds to support and sustain regional parks and ecological conservancy areas. The $2 million purchase price by the Martini family included a $500,000 donation to PPF which will use some of the funds for park enhancement projects in both Brae Island and Derby Reach Parks. The remaining $1.5 million went into the Township’s land reserve account. The $2 million sale price of the 42 acres and the conservation covenant lands was far in excess of this year’s Assessment Review Board’s determination of $1.1 million. This partnership resulted in: a win for the Township, generating funds for the land reserve account (see also West Creek Wetlands); a win for PPF, with the largest financial donation ever received and the first property donation; and a win for Metro Vancouver Parks in expanding the land base, trails and ecological reserve of Derby Reach Park (which includes Langley Bog).