Last year, the Township of Langley partnered with Metro Vancouver, the BC Trust for Public Lands and The Land Conservancy (TLC) to purchase and secure one of the most significant areas of wildlife habitat in the Lower Mainland, known as the West Creek Wetlands. This acquisition was made possible because of the work of the Glen Valley Watersheds Society that recognized the regional significance of the property in 2004. Located on the uplands behind the Glen Valley ridge, the 163 acre (95.5 h) property has a unique mix of ecological characteristics. Its large size combined with upland forest, 30 acres of open water, marsh, creeks and surrounding wetland forest provides habitat for 170 wildlife species, including 18 that are endangered or threatened. The community’s support for this acquisition was shown by the many generous donations from a variety of interests including business, heritage, and environmental groups. The property owner reduced the purchase price from the appraised value of $22,000 per acre to $15,000 per acre through a value donation back to The Land Conservancy. Through this unique partnership, environmentally sensitive lands have been protected for future generations.

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