In his first term, Mayor Alberts, pushed for the acquisition of land adjacent to Aldergrove Community Secondary and the Kinsmen Community Centre to provide more playing fields. The Township purchased 25 acres from the Louks family and development of a major athletic complex commenced. The fifth field was completed this year as a result of partnering with the community. In fact a number of the components of the overall complex were built much quicker and enhanced in scope because of partnerships. The parking lot, the picnic shelter and the field house were projects greatly assisted by the Aldergrove Rotary Club that involved many volunteers, donors and in-kind contributors from the community. The value brought to these and the field construction projects by the community groups and individuals was close to one million dollars. In addition to grants from the Province of BC, Rotary also worked with the Township to reclaim the Patricia Hall site from the Province so that the proceeds of the sale of the property could pay for field development. The Aldergrove Athletic Park is an outstanding example of building community through partnerships.